10 Step Guide to Success for the single guy

 Step 2: Communication


So guy’s, what is the problem with us when it comes to communicating? Now I’m not saying that we can’t or don’t have the capacity to do it, but it seems at times that when it is necessary we will often not to live up to the moment. Can you honestly say that a plan no matter what it is can be completed with bad communication or no communication? The truth is that the big plan you may have can and will fail. Men have this problem of not wanting help sometimes, “you need to get out of that type of thinking”. This goes true at work, your business ventures and relationships.

In relationships listen we need to listen way more and talk less. Only offer your advice and opinion when she is seeking it. To do this you must know your women, that means listen more, duh! Trust me, she will spill her guts if knows you are really listening to her.

At work, don’t be afraid to express your opinion when it’s necessary. Be respectful and honest, your boss will appreciate you a lot more. That doesn’t mean he or she will take what you said into account all the time, but as long as your voice is heard that’s all that matters. Politics in the workplace is very prominent, so sometimes you may have to eat “crow”. 

As with your business, you may have people working for you. This is where your business will succeed or fail. The employees are the work horse’s and you are the one with the reins. Listen to their needs and issues. Always have an open door policy “be available”. A happy worker is a hard worker, which means your business will continue to grow and more revenue will come in. Is’n that the whole point of having a business in the first place? Retention is the key here, remember that…


BOLO(Be On The Look Out) for the next step: Networking

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10 Step Guide To Success For The Single Guy

Step 1: Motivation

You must have motivation first and before any idea or plan can form. You have to know what motivates you. In order to find what motivates you, it’s a good idea to just start writing any and all ideas that come to you. 

The more you write about whatever comes to mind the more your ideas will start to make sense to you. Sooner or later motivation will begin to form big ideas or small ideas. The size of the idea doesn’t matter at this point, nor will it ever will.

My philosophy is to try to think big all the time because planning it will be more rewarding at the end.

It will never be easy but it should be fun…

Stay tuned for the next step on: COMMUNICATION (work, business and relationships)

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“I Hate Monday’s” Tip of the day….

What are you doing to get your name out there? How are you branding yourself? Well let’s assume that you are on some type of social media platform already. So there are so many that you can choose from, so here is my type five.

#1.) Facebook: Not only is this a platform for pointless non-sense but Facebook can get you noticed real fast. Facebook has everything from PPC, ads, events that you can promote and pages created by you or a business that you have.

#2.) Twitter: Short and to the point, Twitter allows you to say something when you don’t have time to blog.

#3.) LinkedIn: LinkedIn is probably my favorite platform by far because it allows me to connect with business minded people, each and every day.

#4.) Google+: This platform is sort of like a combination of all three above, it’s still kind of new in the social media world but that means that you can use this to your advantage.

#5.) YouTube: Right now, YouTube is the most used platform in the world by far. It’s even more popular than Facebook in some aspects. I mainly use it for reference and self-education but I plan on expanding my personal brand in the near future with Youtube.

There is also Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, Reddit, Flickr, Periscope, Medium and Foursquare just to name a few. Now my top five are very good but this is about you and your needs. Start with one to test it out, you can also start a blog too. Blogging will get you noticed as well but if you use just one of those platforms you’ll be a branding machine. By the way, if you are reading this, then you just received proof that it works.
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“I Hate Monday’s” TIP of the Day……

Hey guys, If you are like me you hate Monday mornings. Here’s a little tip that will give you a boost of energy to start your day and not its not coffee or sex its, vitamin c and h2o

Vitamin C does wonders for the body as you may or may not know like, repairing body tissue; assisting in better bone development; better immune system etc. So if you are a workout junky, then vitamin c should be a part of your daily consumption. I take vitamin C chewable tablets in the morning, its way cheaper than buying orange juice every other day.

H2O do I really have to explain this one…? Okay, okay, just a little. Now, most people get 6 to 8 hours of rest every night which is good. I’m lucky if I can get 5 hours sleep, but some doctors agree that 5 hours of sleep is sufficient.

So anyway if you do get 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night, that is a long time without any fluids in your body. You may think because you are resting that your body doesn’t require it, but that’s way wrong. The first you should do after you get in the morning is drink a glass of water. NOT COFFEE. Trust me if you both of these tips every morning you will have a boost of energy that no amount of caffeine can give you.


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Why Working From Home Can Be A Key To Happiness


In present days’ world, the simplest way to make money and save your time is to work at, or from your home. Working from home through the web stands out as the perfect work-from-home business and is also the ideal method to build up as an entrepreneur. There are several ways to work from home yet still make money. In actual fact, the Internet has made this a real possibility for many individuals. If you haven’t ever before taken the possibility to search for work from home employment opportunities on the internet, you probably should.

Though there are many online money making options available, among the best ways to earn money online would be to start a business online. In fact, it is nowadays easier than it has ever been before. As long as you don’t want to rent an outlet or even, find a warehouse, or even pay someone to make a website. The Cyberspace has changed how we conduct business and it is nowadays easier than ever to start off a business and start working from home. Let’s look at just how simple it can be from affiliate marketing online to network marketing, multilevel marketing and internet marketing and so on.

Whatever you want to promote affiliate marketing is not a stranger to the online world and certainly no stranger to network marketers and even article marketing continues to be a successful way to market your online business or blog. Affiliate marketing offers an exceptional opportunity for people who do not have a lot of startup capital or time and effort to put together a tremendous campaign. Affiliate marketing has some very good merits which includes absolutely no product of your own, zero stock, no delivery or overhead with zero real sales push.

Most of the bloggers together with site owners think that posting a great product analysis will work nevertheless this is not sufficient. You need a perfect Affiliate Marketing Tactic and must focus on it to generate product sales from your links. Commission basis is the real deal in affiliate marketer this really is a key advantage as each time that somebody makes an order, the affiliate will get a set commission of the profit and also huge audience help move sale’s, having built up several marketing lists or websites, they may make use of their vast audience base and make sure that the traffic they send over to the vendor is qualified and that sales are created, making the affiliate more income.

Working at home is not new but not everyone is capable of withstand being socially secluded. Not everybody is organized enough. Only you know what precisely you are capable of doing. There are several people changing work plans because they are fed up with the heavy toll that commuting plays their lives. Workplace as well as commuting stress can lead to high-blood pressure, recurring headaches, backaches, alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as infection. You definitely have to be inspired and seriously interested in this for it to work. In case you are serious about working from home, you will probably find a way to ensure it works for you.

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