I Have Fear…Do you?

Yes, just like the title says, I have fear. Fear is something that can either make you a coward or give you courage. For me, it has made me a coward for years in all parts of my life since I can remember. Regret has only made that fear more powerful, so has procrastinating and let’s not forget laziness. I have been all three of these negative acts of emotion that have defeated me countless of times. My father died when I was just a teenager from a heart attack, I didn’t graduate high school so I had to get a GED. I then went to college online for a number of years and accumulated over 100k in student loan debt. I got married young to someone I really didn’t love but had a child anyway by her.

There was a point in my life that I could only hold a job for 6 months at the most. I rarely held a job for a year or more. I wasted so much of my own money trying to figure out ways to make more money and not work for someone else. Know, I want you to understand something about me. I really hate working for someone else and answering to someone else as it relates to a job. I know what you are saying, “well Reginald everyone feels that way”. Well, that’s not entirely true because some people love going to work every day. Then there are some people that love what they do but hate doing it for someone else. There are two types of people in this world, the first type of person, is the one that plays it safe by having a job to go to with benefits. This person lets call him Eric looks forward to retiring one day from his job with full benefits. Eric doesn’t take to many risks in life because he really doesn’t need to. Eric reports to work and his boss tells him what needs to be done today. Eric does what he is told but there are times hen Eric wishes he could just have his own business and do the same thing. Eric thinks about it from time to time but he lets fear take over that idea/dream. The fear inside Eric is strong that he would rather keep working for the rest of his life for someone, rather than take a chance by risking everything to start his own business.

The next type of person is a risk taker and dreamer lets call him Chris. Chris really doesn’t care too much about his job because he wants to work for himself one day. The problem is that Chris doesn’t know how to do it nor does he really know what he wants to do. Chris has the passion but doesn’t have the path. And you have to have both in order to accomplish your dreams. Fear has prevented Chris from finding that path because he has yet attempted to start it. Once he figures out that he just needs to place one foot on the path, it will pave its own way.

Fear gave me the courage to write this article because I want you guys to understand that I know how you feel and what you are going through. But I want to let you know that it’s okay to have fear but it’s not okay to be scared. When you are scared you are defeated don’t let that happen to you. Pursue your dreams, conquer your fears and I will meet you on the other side with open arms.

Why Working From Home Can Be A Key To Happiness


In present days’ world, the simplest way to make money and save your time is to work at, or from your home. Working from home through the web stands out as the perfect work-from-home business and is also the ideal method to build up as an entrepreneur. There are several ways to work from home yet still make money. In actual fact, the Internet has made this a real possibility for many individuals. If you haven’t ever before taken the possibility to search for work from home employment opportunities on the internet, you probably should.

Though there are many online money making options available, among the best ways to earn money online would be to start a business online. In fact, it is nowadays easier than it has ever been before. As long as you don’t want to rent an outlet or even, find a warehouse, or even pay someone to make a website. The Cyberspace has changed how we conduct business and it is nowadays easier than ever to start off a business and start working from home. Let’s look at just how simple it can be from affiliate marketing online to network marketing, multilevel marketing and internet marketing and so on.

Whatever you want to promote affiliate marketing is not a stranger to the online world and certainly no stranger to network marketers and even article marketing continues to be a successful way to market your online business or blog. Affiliate marketing offers an exceptional opportunity for people who do not have a lot of startup capital or time and effort to put together a tremendous campaign. Affiliate marketing has some very good merits which includes absolutely no product of your own, zero stock, no delivery or overhead with zero real sales push.

Most of the bloggers together with site owners think that posting a great product analysis will work nevertheless this is not sufficient. You need a perfect Affiliate Marketing Tactic and must focus on it to generate product sales from your links. Commission basis is the real deal in affiliate marketer this really is a key advantage as each time that somebody makes an order, the affiliate will get a set commission of the profit and also huge audience help move sale’s, having built up several marketing lists or websites, they may make use of their vast audience base and make sure that the traffic they send over to the vendor is qualified and that sales are created, making the affiliate more income.

Working at home is not new but not everyone is capable of withstand being socially secluded. Not everybody is organized enough. Only you know what precisely you are capable of doing. There are several people changing work plans because they are fed up with the heavy toll that commuting plays their lives. Workplace as well as commuting stress can lead to high-blood pressure, recurring headaches, backaches, alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as infection. You definitely have to be inspired and seriously interested in this for it to work. In case you are serious about working from home, you will probably find a way to ensure it works for you.

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